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Shobiz Cares is a nomenclature for an array of social outreach programs and other CSR initiatives carried out by Shobiz Experiential Communications. Established way before corporate giving came into vogue, CEO Sameer Tobaccowala likens Shobiz Cares "to the air we breathe; you can't see it, yet you can't live without it. And for all its invisibility, you notice it in the moment it's missing."

Over the years Shobiz Cares has reached out to children with special education needs, cancer patients and under privileged slum families. Irrespective of the external business climate, Shobiz Cares is firmly committed to supporting a wide range of initiatives through its time and talent.

So while Shobiz, an experiential marketing agency, services the brightest and the best enterprises across the sectors of Auto, BFSI, IT, Media, Pharma, and the corporate world at large, the "other face" of the company is equally busy - working silently to make life just that little bit easier for the lesser privileged.